Current Account

BNF Bank caters for your day-to-day banking requirements with a Current Account.

The BNF Current Account is also available in the major foreign currencies, which is ideal for those who receive regular income from abroad.


The BNF Current Account gives you the facility to: 

  • deposit and withdraw money from your account through ATMs or by visiting a BNF Bank branch; 
  • send payments and transfers through free BNF Internet Banking; 
  • access funds through a VISA Debit Card in EPOS terminals and ATMs bearing the VISA sign; 
  • receive regular payments directly in your account including salary or pension; 
  • hold a personalised cheque book; and 
  • apply for an overdraft1, thus having access to extra financial flexibility when required.

Eligibility Criteria

To open a BNF Current Account you: 

  • must be at least 16 years of age; and 
  • affect an initial minimum deposit of €150 in the account.

Come talk to us

Visit us at your preferred BNF Bank branch to open a Current Account and bring with you: 

  • a valid identification document;
  • a document to verify your permanent residential address which can either be the identification document, a recent utility bill related to a fixed service, or a recent correspondence from central or local government authority;
  • An unexpired identification document must be valid for at least 6 additional months from the date of account opening;
  • documentation confirming your income and employment details; 
  • details of Tax residency; and
  • Tax identification Number (where applicable).

Every application is subject to the Bank's onboarding criteria, and the Bank may request additional documents as necessary.

Getting Started

Step 1 - Check whether you are eligible to open a Current Account
Step 2 - Collate the above-mentioned documentation
Step 3 - Visit your preferred branch to open a Current Account or call Customer Care on (+356) 2260 1000 for further information. 

Terms and Conditions apply.

Switching current accounts from one domestic bank to another

The Credit and Financial Institutions (Payment Accounts) Regulations, 2016 provide for the switching of banking services from one bank to another in Malta, without any unnecessary delay to the customer.

Switching your account or some banking services from one bank to another is simple. To ensure that the switching process is carried out smoothly and easily follow the STEPS in link below

Your guide to switching banking service

For further information kindly contact Customer Care on (+356) 2260 1000.

Depositor Compensation Scheme

Fee Information Documents

Interest Rates

Specific Terms & Conditions on Current Account Denominated in Euro or Foreign Currency and the Operation of Cheques and Chequebooks_Effective from 1st January 2022

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