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A Success Built Around Lasting Relationships

January 13, 2022
June 20, 2023
A Success Built Around Lasting Relationships

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During the past five years, BNF Bank has consistently achieved positive results with year-on-year growth in balance sheet and profitability from its core operations.  Implementing a customer-centric strategy backed by the shareholders and driven by a dedicated workforce have been key to a sustainable and prudent growth trajectory.

Fresh from the addition of a branch in London, these efforts and results have been recognised by international reputable institutions and last year The Banker, published by the renowned Financial Times, bestowed BNF Bank with the Bank of the Year accolade.

Acknowledging that customer experience needs to be refreshed often and regularly, BNF Bank has long launched its strategy for digital transformation.  In the midst of the global disruption caused by the pandemic, BNF Bank took the opportunity to accelerate this strategy that forms part of its Vision 2023 programme with the aim of achieving full digital transformation as part of its roadmap. BNF Bank has launched new or upgraded digital customer interfaces including contactless debit and credit cards, Express Deposit Machines, new Internet Baking platform and BNF Mobile App amongst other things.  Together with these enhanced services, there was a significant investment behind the scenes in preparation for the next phases of development.

The process was initiated for a complete change to the core banking system planned for the forthcoming 2 to 3 years, which will see BNF Bank partnering with Temenos to implement Temenos Transact, considered as one of the most successful and widely-used digital core banking solution in the world.

The Bank will continue to invest in technology, in its branch network and in its people, while expanding its activities and client base, to remain the bank of choice in Malta.

Throughout the Bank's development over the years to establish itself as a mature, core systemic Bank in Malta and a key player in the industry, BNF has always adopted a customer-first attitude in its approach, and this forms the basis of all its operations. The Bank's team focuses on personal relationships with customers based on listening, trust, transparency and loyalty. These relationships make the most of open conversations through which the team strives to understand client aspirations and life plans.

The Bank's values of ambition, responsibility and empathy drive the team to take on challenges, look for solutions and achieve results, while delivering the quality service the Bank is distinguished for. BNF is renowned for its tailored service with products customised to different client needs and unique requirements, whether these are of a business or a personal nature. This is achieved by investing heavily in its dedicated workforce, putting personal development and training high on the agenda.

"We thrive to be the bank of choice for personal and business clients while remaining close to the community that we serve.  Our digital transformation process is based on developing strategic nodes that are scalable and future proof with customer-focused designs," said George Debono, BNF's Chief Commercial Officer. "We are adding new capabilities to ultimately take our service offering to higher levels, while ensuring sustainability. Automation and personalisation have become key to the customer journey and our team remains focused on achieving and maintaining results that make a tangible difference to our clients."

"Our strength, however, lies in combining leading technology with the human element of our people, drawing from their insights, experience and expertise in order to craft the best possible solutions for our customers. Then, in the background, is the churning of data and analytics, that provides insights into patterns and trends, which in turn help us tweak our propositions into ever suitable and relevant products."

Driven by a team of dedicated professionals and a strong brand, BNF Bank offers market- leading home loan products and a suite of services that caters for the financial requirements of clients at all stage of life, from being a student to retirement. On the commercial front, the Bank provides top quality business services throughout the whole spectrum of the industry, from start-ups to large corporates.

BNF's award-winning specially designed SME programmes are crafted to help entrepreneurs in the early stages of their business venture, while the end objective is to continue to serve these clients over the long term as their businesses grow and prosper with the support of our dedicated relationship management team.