Investor Relations

Management Committees

A group of strategic committees made up of senior staff members established to make recommendations on the day-to-day activities of the Bank.

Products Oversights Committee

The Products Oversight Committee’s main purpose is to discuss and implement projects in relation to new products, new services, channels and/or changes to existing products.

Assets and Liabilities Committee

The Assets and Liabilities Committee (ALCO) analyses financial information to assess the impact that the various types of risks arising from changes in interest rates, exchange rates, and the market have on the profitability of the Bank.

Investments Committee

The Investments Committee meets with the aim to discuss the investment strategy and specific investments for the Bank’s proprietary portfolio.

Executive Committee

The Executive Committee is responsible for the formulation of risk strategies and risk profiles, including policies conducive to the achievement of organisational goals.

Environmental, Social and Governance Committee

The Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) committee’s main purpose is to define the Bank’s practices relating to ESG matters.

Credit Committees

The Credit Committees are responsible for assessing credit facilities and taking credit decisions within certain monetary and risk bands.