Cut-off Times

The table below indicates the Cut-off Times for Inward and Outward Payments. Any applicable Cut-off Times not listed hereunder will be provided on request or when the service is provided. For any queries, kindly contact our Customer Care team.

Cut-off Times
Type of Transfer Monday-Friday** Instructions received by
Inward Payments*
SEPA Transfers 18:30
Non-SEPA Transfers 14:30
Outward Payments*
SEPA Transfers 18:30
Non-SEPA SPOT Transfer 14:30
Non-SEPA urgent same-day-value Transfers (for EUR and USD) 11:00
Non-SEPA urgent same-day-value Transfers (for GBP) 12:00
Non-SEPA urgent same-day-value Transfers (for CAD) 14:30

*both bulk & single payments

** excluding ‘Bank Holidays’

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