Banif team in ghost hunt!

03 April 2014

Banif employees took to the streets and alleyways in Birgu for a fun night of ghost stories, organised by the new Sports and Social Committee, freshly voted in for the year. The committee regularly organises entertaining events for staff and their families, in an effort to bring employees together outside of the office.


Banif ghost hunt


As one of the oldest and most storied cities on our island, Birgu was home to quite a few bloody and macabre episodes in Malta’s history. A chilling wind blew as the team listened to tales of brutal scare tactics that were used by both sides during the Great Siege, of the horrors that took place for those unlucky enough to be summoned to the Inquisitor’s Palace, and of course the fabled Grey Lady, the tragic victim of forlorn love and infidelity whose tattered skirt is still sometimes heard rustling in the dark chambers and passageways of Fort St Elmo.

The tour, given by Joan Sheridan from Malta Tour Guide, was followed by heart-warming food and drink to shake off the frightful shivers, even though no ghosts were, in actual fact, spotted. “The mix of spook stories and historical information made it a night to remember, giving Birgu a hauntingly beautiful charm!” said Leo Busuttil from the Sports and Social Committee.

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