Timeless art featured in Banif’s Perpetual Agenda

March 3, 2016
June 20, 2023
Timeless art featured in Banif’s Perpetual Agenda

Art meets style in Banif’s new agenda, which features priceless Renaissance and Medieval paintings that have been or are currently being restored with the Bank’s support. Each year the Bank produces a limited-edition undated notebook, to give out to clients visiting its branches at the beginning of the new year.

“In the past, we have featured the contemporary works of students following photography and fine art courses at the MCAST Institute for the Creative Arts” said Karl Dingli, Head of Corporate Services at Banif Bank. “This time round, we cast our eyes back to the past in order to bring these priceless and timeless works of art into focus.”

The featured paintings are two important panels of eleven from a polyptych or altarpiece by Antonio de Saliba (c.1466-c.1535), commissioned for the late medieval Rabat Franciscan Minor Observants’ Church of Santa Maria di Gesù (Ta’ Ġieżu). The notebook also features a four-panel altarpiece, dating back to the 15th century by an unknown Italian master, depicting St Catherine, St Augustine, St Paul or St Mark and the Madonna and the Christ child, located at the Augustinian Priory in Rabat.