The Boat Loan - A plain sailing product from Banif Bank

July 18, 2012
June 20, 2023
The Boat Loan - A plain sailing product from Banif Bank

If you have your mind set on buying the boat you have been longing for but you do not have the financial means, check out the new Boat Loan from Banif Bank. Banif has launched a financial package designed around your budget, aimed to turn your dream into a reality. So whether you are planning to buy your first boat or seeking to upgrade the one you own, the Boat Loan from Banif Bank is the right solution for you.

Banif Bank is giving you the opportunity to apply for a loan that covers the full cost of the boat, without the need to pay any upfront deposit. In addition, you can choose to spread the loan repayment over a period of 8 years to make the loan even more affordable.

Applying for a Boat Loan from Banif Bank is very straight forward and the Bank’s fees are transparent and easy to understand. All you need to do is visit any Banif Bank branch in Malta and Gozo, and take your ID card, evidence of income through the FS3 of the previous year, a copy of the statement of affairs with other banks, and a pro forma invoice of the boat which will be financed by the loan with you.

More information is also available on the Bank’s website Alternatively you may call on 2260 1000 to set an appointment at your preferred branch.