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The BNF Express Deposit Services fleet is growing

August 13, 2021
June 20, 2023
The BNF Express Deposit Services fleet is growing

BNF Bank has installed two new Express Deposit Machines, in addition to its existing fleet.  Conveniently located in Fgura and Attard, the new machines will be a welcome addition to the ATM services already offered by the two branches.  These brand-new machines join two others which were installed during 2020 in Qormi (Pavi) branch and San Gwann branch.  Customers can now deposit cash and cheques through the appropriate envelopes, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  This is particularly of benefit to clients who want to avoid queues and want to avail themselves of a swift service without the need to physically go into the branch.  The Express Deposit Machines are very easy to use and the deposit transaction can be executed by following the user-friendly on-screen instructions.

Throughout the past year, BNF Bank has made substantial investment in new or to upgrade the customer touchpoints, particularly on the technological front.  This investment plan was already in place but was accelerated because of the pandemic as the Bank thrives on delivering services that create value for customers.  

George Debono, Chief Commercial Officer at BNF Bank said, "We will continue to invest in our technological platforms and channels to facilitate the interaction with our customers.  We want to offer our customers multiple channels that they can use at their convenience for their day-to-day banking in order to further improve our personalised service delivered through our dedicated staff within the branches and corporate teams".

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