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Supporting our customers every step of the way

March 27, 2020
June 20, 2023
Supporting our customers every step of the way

We're closely monitoring the rapidly evolving situation with COVID-19 and we'll continue responding with solutions to support you in these difficult and challenging times. We're committed to stand by you and sincerely empathise with the adverse circumstances you might be facing. To this end, BNF will be introducing further financial support measures to help its personal and business customers cope during this crisis.

With the aim of supporting personal customers whose income has been affected negatively by the Covid-19 crisis, we'll be accepting applications for a moratorium period of up to nine months on the BNF Home Loan, Buy-to-Let Loan and/or Personal Loan subject to normal banking considerations. Customers may download the relevant application form from and send a signed copy through a secure message on the BNF's Internet Banking portal.

Furthermore, we'll be extending the financial support measure to refund all charges related to cash withdrawal from any other local Bank ATMs, until end April. This measure is intended to support our personal banking customers to reduce their travel for cash withdrawals.

Reference is made to recent communication where BNF informed its customers of updated tariff of charges due to be implemented as from the 15th April 2020. In view of the current emergency, most of the tariff of charges update will be postponed until the 15th July 2020.  However, changes related to reduction in fees which are advantageous for our customers will all be implemented as from the 15th April 2020.

We're mindful of the negative effects that the pandemic is having on businesses and we'll be offering working capital assistance to business customers facing temporary liquidity issues. Clients holding a Business Accelerate Loan may reach out to their Relationship Manager to get started with the process of application.  In addition, business customers holding a Micro Business Loan can apply for a nine-month repayment moratorium on their loan.

The Bank will not charge any processing fees for requests related to moratorium and working capital assistance.

We would like to remind you that social distancing is the best precautionary measure that we can all take during this period, and therefore customers are encouraged to use other channels for their everyday banking needs instead of going to the branch.

Our employees are working tirelessly to expediate your requests and the Bank takes pride in the collaborative and confident approach that the team has adopted during the crisis. Driven by the belief that the Bank holds a moral obligation towards the social progress of the market it operates in, we'll be introducing further support measures as necessary in order to facilitate the lives, needs and vision of so many individuals, families and businesses.