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New look for the teams at BNF Bank branches

January 15, 2019
June 20, 2023
New look for the teams at BNF Bank branches

Visitors to BNF Bank branches are being welcomed by customer facing teams sporting a new and attractive uniform. The new look reflects the identity and essence of the Bank and compliments the work ethic of professionalism, integrity, efficiency and approachability of its employees.

Created by local fashion house Cessani, the suits have been fabricated in the highest quality materials and fabrics that allow for comfort and practicality in everyday use. The azure was a natural fit with the Bank's secondary pantone azure and primary colour slate indigo, while the overall style exudes a harmonious, attractive, modern and contemporary image.

Fashion designer for Cessani Mary Grace Pisani said: "We crafted the Bank's new uniform so that it withstands seasons and trends, while reflecting the Bank's approach of being 'future ready'. The style, colours, detail and trim are adaptable across gender, age and size, crucial for the employees who will ultimately be the ones to wear their suits daily. I thank BNF Bank for entrusting us with the project. I trust the employees will enjoy wearing their new clothes as much as we enjoyed creating them."

Head of Corporate Services at BNF Bank, Karl Dingli said: "I express the feelings of our employees when I say that we are extremely happy with our new look. This dress code gives us a chance to express our approach that is focused around giving our personal and business clients a superior customer journey. Our uniforms will help the Bank show a coordinated look but it will not deter us from still giving the friendly, personalised attitude we are renowned for."

BNF Bank has twelve branches in strategic regions across Malta and Gozo that offer individual customers and corporate companies a wide range of banking products.