New Banif Branch in Paola

June 3, 2014
June 20, 2023
New Banif Branch in Paola

Banif Bank (Malta) plc has opened its 12th branch in the busy trade area of Paola. The new retail outlet will form part of a network optimisation programme that will enable the Bank to reach out to more clients in their locality, while attracting regional traffic and commercial activity. Offering better facilities and points of sales to customers is at the core of the Bank’s operations, and having a wider map coverage will contribute further to the high standards of customer care the Bank already enjoys.

The Paola retail outlet was officially inaugurated by The Hon Minister for Finance Prof. Edward Scicluna, in the presence of the Bank’s Chairman Dr Michael Frendo, Chief Executive Officer Joaquim F. Silva Pinto, directors, heads of department, the branch team, and distinguished guests. The new branch in Pjazza de Paule will be led by experienced banker and area manager Martin Borg and will be offering the local community the whole gamut of products, from savings, to loans and cash management solutions. The branch team has already been busy getting to know the local people so that personalised advice can be given based on clients’ unique needs. The Bank is strengthening its competitor potential, growing fast into a meaningful size.

“The new Government looks towards the Maltese banking sector as a sound and solid sector which has managed to weather the financial storm which swept across the Euro zone. This was thanks to Malta’s regulatory mechanism, the ethics of our operators, and the sector’s professional human resources,” Finance Minister Prof. Scicluna said. “The Government is committed to continuing to strengthen the banking sector and introducing those legislative mechanisms which help the sector expand, while providing peace of mind to depositors.” He went on to add that the Government is looking forward to working closely with local banks on various initiatives, such as the upcoming Third Pillar Pension Scheme, which will be unveiled in the coming weeks.

“The opening of our new branches will help us improve our performance,” said Banif Bank CEO Mr Silva Pinto. “With a better understanding of our customers on the ground we can optimise our product portfolio and provide individuals, families, shops and businesses a customised range of services. Paola is an important trade area and a great location for the Bank to pursue its market penetration plans.”