Mother’s Day Celebration at Banif Bank

May 6, 2011
June 20, 2023
Mother’s Day Celebration at Banif Bank

Banif Bank is celebrating Mother’s Day with its clients. Since its inception the Bank has aimed to provide a different approach to banking. Led by the Centaur’s values, Banif Bank distinguishes itself as the Bank which inspires confidence, humanism, effectiveness, innovation and ambition. With these values at heart, the Bank’s main focus remains the customer, being a unique and special individual to the Bank.

An important figure in our lives is our Mother, who is reserved with a unique place in our hearts. Hence on Mother’s Day, a special occasion to honour mothers all over the world, Banif Bank will be presenting a white rose to all the mothers who visit any Banif Bank branch on Saturday 7th May.

This simple gesture symbolises the importance the Bank gives to individuals in our community, especially to its customers. Banif Bank regards mothers as treasured and respected individuals and wishes all mothers a very happy Mother’s Day.