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Making every interaction count

April 18, 2024
April 18, 2024
Making every interaction count
Rueben Bezzina, Head of Retail at BNF Bank p.l.c.

“Carla* really did her best for me.”

“Michael* was so helpful and patient.”

“Sarah* made that extra effort, treating me like a person, not a number.”

At BNF Bank, we’re a team with heart. Our client facing staff across our 13 branches make a consistent effort to support clients, guiding them to the smartest decisions for them, at whichever point they are in their lives. We make it a point to leave a positive impression – this fosters loyalty, satisfaction, and of course, advocacy.

Taking the time to understand our customers is critical. By gaining insight into their needs, preferences, behaviours and pain points, we are in a better position to understand their journey, with our products and services. Research, surveys, feedback and data analysis, together with experience gained through daily interactions give us a wealth of knowledge on how to continue improving our customer service.

At BNF, providing a consistent service across all channels is paramount, whether its in-branch, online, or via the customer care centre. Consistency builds trust and reliability, managing customer expectations and creating a standard for customer service. Through our digital transformation, the Bank aims to continue strengthening its key customer touchpoints, so whether you walk into a branch, visit the website to onboard digitally, or speak to us via social media, you will always receive the same personalised service.

Our customer satisfaction research creates a benchmark for improvement, where we are currently positioned, and where we’d like to be. Employee feedback should not be forgotten, these are our front liners, and no one knows better than those who are in contact with customers daily. Data analytics help us track customer satisfaction, loyalty and retention.  These insights help to optimise customer experience, giving the Bank a strong action plan between one research exercise and another, and clear results on whether our optimisation has been successful, or whether it needs to be tweaked further.

In today’s social media landscape, being authentic is a key driver to reaching more people and creating engagement. Banking relationships are no different. Building trust by being transparent in our communications and actions show the customer in a tangible way that we are genuine and empathetic – that we really do have their best interests in mind. Authenticity fosters stronger emotional connections.

Empathy, one of our Bank’s values, is essential when resolving issues. At BNF, we believe that honesty is best, taking ownership of issues and working towards a swift resolution. Only then can a potentially negative experience be turned into a positive one, further strengthening relationships.

Our aim is to make customers feel valued and understood. Creating memorable experiences by anticipating and exceeding expectations drives long term loyalty – a customer will always remember how you made them feel.

*not their real names.