Lights Off Across BNF Bank’s Network of Branches

October 31, 2022
June 20, 2023
Lights Off Across BNF Bank’s Network of Branches

In an effort to be kinder to the planet, BNF Bank will permanently switch off lights across its branch network between midnight and 6.00 in the evening. The initiative, that will kick off on November 1st, is the latest of the Bank's measures to decrease its carbon footprint, save energy and take yet another step forward towards environmental consciousness."

Driven by new realities, and a commitment to our environment, we are emulating governments and other corporates around the world to minimise our environmental impact and reduce energy consumption," said Karl Dingli, Head of Human Resources, Property & Administration Department at BNF Bank. "We also hope to lead by example and spread awareness of the benefits of reduced energy usage across our community. Our Bank has always been mindful of the impact of our operations on society and on the environment. Indeed, such action is one of the pillars of our ESG strategy. Going forward, our actions will be guided through an adoption of a sustainable trajectory.

"What was once an initiative taken for Earth Hour annually in March will now become a staple measure for the Bank. Power efficiency and reducing the carbon footprint is currently at the forefront of many businesses and BNF Bank is one such institution that will incorporate this simple but powerful measure into its sustainable future.

BNF Bank puts its customers in the centre of all its operations and for this reason their safety is at the top of the Bank's priorities. The lights off initiative will not include switching off the BNF ATMs lights for security purposes.

BNF Bank operates twelve branches across Malta and Gozo, which will now go dark in this initiative.