It pays to be a Banif Bank client

April 8, 2011
June 20, 2023
It pays to be a Banif Bank client

Banif Bank (Malta) plc is committed to reward its clients by offering them added incentives. Banking with Banif Bank (Malta) plc not only grants a different banking experience, but it also opens a wider opportunity for better incentives which are exclusively offered to its clients.

Banif is the only local bank that offers free internet banking to its clients. All the Bank’s clients can subscribe to Banif@st; the Bank’s online portal which, amongst other things, gives the user access to all account movements and the possibility to pay bills online, in a secure way

.Being a Banif@st internet banking subscriber automatically entitles you to an advantageous deposit opportunity -the Banif@st Term Deposit, which is exclusively available to all Banif@st subscribers. The interest rates offered on the Banif@st Term Deposit are always higher to those paid by standard term deposits, since Banif Bank strongly believes in rewarding its customers.

Opening a Banif@st Term Deposit is easy and can be done online in a fast and secure way from the comfort of home. Clients can choose different terms starting from 45 days up to a period of one year and can open the account with any amount between €500 and €250,000.

“From the outset, Banif Bank has stated that it will endeavour to offer innovative banking products and services that provide added value to its clients. The Banif@st Term Deposit has been specifically designed with that premise in mind. Banif clients always have the knowledge that they are guaranteed a higher rate on term deposits than the standard product on offer in the market. The Bank firmly believes in maintaining its promise to its clients to offer advantageous offers in order to sustain a healthy and trusting relationship”, said a representative from the Bank’s Product Strategy Unit.

More details about the Banif@st Term Deposit can be acquired from any of the eight branches in Malta and Gozo, by calling on 2260 1000 or by sending an email to customer care.