Get Back 15% of the Interest Paid in Cash

June 21, 2010
June 20, 2023
Get Back 15% of the Interest Paid in Cash

Banif Bank has yet again reaffirmed its position as a leading provider of alternative and innovative banking solutions with the launch of another new product for the local market, the Banif Cashback Loan. The Banif Cashback Loan is a personal loan that gives you back 15% of the interest paid in cash at the end of the loan term.

“At Banif we understand and analyse the new market trends, in order to come up with innovative and differentiated banking solutions that are in tune with our customers’ interest, confirming our capacity to compete and be an agent for change,” said a Banif official from the Strategy & Image Department during the launch of the product.

“We believe that our clients deserve to be offered a wider choice of banking products that offer more benefits. The Banif Cashback Loan meets all these criteria as apart from being a more affordable alternative to the normal personal loans, clients may decide to utilise the cash that is paid back to add something extra to what has already been bought” concluded the Bank representative.

Through the Banif Cashback loan, customers can borrow up to the full amount of the product’s purchase price which can range between €2,500 and €35,000. The term of the loan can go up to 5 years and no security is required to cover the loan amount.

Clients simply need to present their ID Card, evidence of income and a pro forma invoice of the product to be purchased, when calling at anyone of the eight Banif Bank branches located in Malta and Gozo.

More details about the product can be found on the Bank’s website or by calling on 2260 1000.