Fondazzjoni Paulus gets support from BNF Bank

January 22, 2019
June 20, 2023
Fondazzjoni Paulus gets support from BNF Bank

With a passion and dedication towards keeping the Pauline tradition in Malta alive and strong, Fondazzjoni Paulus has launched its annual Agape Festival, supported by BNF Bank. The festival starts on January 25 with a solemn mass at St Paul's Collegiate Church in Rabat under the musical direction of Fondazzjoni Paulus' Choir Mistress Charlene Portelli and ends on February 17 with a Roman Festival organised in St Paul's Catacombs.

In between, the public can also enjoy a host of other highly interesting activities, all focused on culture inspired by St Paul. A public lecture about prolific composer of the early 21st Century Joseph Vella, by Celine Schembri and Dr Lydia Buttigieg can be heard in Sala tal-Arkivju tal-Banda Konti Ruggieru, Rabat on the 1st of February while the Wignacourt Museum will host an exhibition of religious icons of St Paul by Vincent Mangani, followed by a talk by the curator.

The festival will also include two additional talks, one by Mark Gatt, author of 'Paulus - The Shipwreck' and another by Sr Mary Anne Sultana on inspirational scientist and theologist Pierre Teilhard de Chardin, both in St Publius Church. The annual concert by the Fondazzjoni Paulus Orchestra will happen on the 8th February at St Paul's Collegiate Church.

"The Pauline tradition is alive and well in Malta, thanks to groups like Fondazzjoni Paulus who work to generate awareness about Malta's patron saint via cultural activities," said Melvin Pellicano, Head of Business Development at BNF Bank. "We believe in our support to the Foundation's festival which promises a rich repertoire of Maltese sacred music compositions in some of Malta's most historic venues, and a window into Malta's religious culture via literature, lectures, exhibitions and more."

The President of Fondazzjoni Paulus Dr Mark Fenech Vella thanked BNF Bank for its sponsorship, saying the support recognises the talent and dedication of the Paulus Orchestra and Choir and will give a further boost to all the work being done by volunteers and helpers of the Foundation, in putting together this year's varied programme.

Details on the Agape Festival may be found at www.fondazzjonipaulus.org.