Faster payment transfers with BNF Bank

February 14, 2020
June 20, 2023
Faster payment transfers with BNF Bank

BNF Bank customers can now enjoy faster and more efficient SEPA payments as the Bank has recently shifted to direct processing of transfers. The Bank's clients can see direct Euro SEPA payment transfers cleared on the same day, when requests are accepted by the Bank before 3 pm."

By streamlining our operations to effect direct payments, we have not only made processing speedier with negligible errors, but we have also minimised processing risks by eliminating third party handling," said Luis Teles, Head of Operations at BNF Bank. "We know that for both personal and business banking, time is of essence. With customers at top of mind, we strive to continuously raise the bar in service excellence."

BNF Bank's same day guarantee comes with reasonable terms and conditions. Direct payment transfers are cleared within the same day when the transfer requests are accepted before 3pm, no errors are encountered, or further details required. Exceptions occur if clearance requires compliance checks due to insufficient information.

Direct transfers apply to both incoming and outgoing payments and there is no limit on payment amounts subject to some terms and conditions. SEPA direct payments may be made through BNF Internet Banking, 24/7.