BNF participates in EY’s debate on Malta’s attractiveness

October 30, 2019
June 20, 2023
BNF participates in EY’s debate on Malta’s attractiveness

BNF Bank was this year, one of the contributors in EY Malta's Annual Attractiveness Event, as it joined other industry players in the debate focusing on how technology and structural shifts are making it increasingly challenging to predict the future and how businesses that embrace transformation will ride the next wave of industry.

The conference is the country's largest high-level forum that brings together government leaders, C-suites, industrialists and influential entrepreneurs to analyse Malta's potential for business growth and foreign direct investment.

BNF Bank is a key player in driving business and in providing corporates with investment opportunities. In this context, BNF's sponsorship of EY's conference forms part of its strategy to strengthen its position within this sector.

During a breakout session, BNF Bank Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director Michael Collis, spoke about the future of trading and Brexit's implications on various industries, particularly banking. He shared his view on how the Brexit vote, was essentially a protest vote triggered by declining standards of living following the global financial crisis. This had led to a questioning of national and multinational institutions. For BNF, the response to this trend is to become more closely identified with the communities which it serves.

"By being a community bank, we are helping people go about their daily lives at each stage, from coming of age in their study years, to venturing into the world of work, purchasing their first homes, making business investments, manage their savings and retiring. We firmly believe that the way forward is to go back to the way banking used to be."

"The team at BNF strives to be more connected with the local community and offer products that people want and need on a daily basis. So far, this model has been a resounding success. Of course, technology is an elemental part of daily life and we must keep abreast of tech advancements if we want to remain relevant."

Michael Collis concluded by saying that BNF also strives to be an international bank with an eye on global developments and opportunities. ''We aim to provide optimal banking services to those companies looking to set up business in Malta which undoubtedly has remained an attractive destination."