BNF Bank - ten years of fun runs for solidarity

November 4, 2018
June 20, 2023
BNF Bank - ten years of fun runs for solidarity

For the tenth consecutive year, BNF Bank has supported the annual event that so many people eagerly wait for - the President’s Solidarity Fun Run. The event, once again, drew thousands of young and old from all walks of life, who met up at the usual starting points, many in groups, in Santa Venera, Rabat, Paola and the University, to walk 5 kilometres or run 11 kilometres to St George’s Square in Valletta.

“It has been another resounding success!” said Dr Michael Frendo, BNF Bank Chairman. “Together we have again mobilised people and channeled significant funds to the Malta Community Chest Fund Foundation, which will be distributed to needy charitable organisations after L-Istrina.”

“We believed in the Fun Run from the very start. Together with the Office of the President and the many groups involved in its organisation, we built an institutional event that’s part of Malta’s annual calendar. Looking back at ten years of achievement is truly one proud moment! I am also very grateful to the BNF team members who, year after year, organise themselves without fuss for this event, to ultimately give a service to others.”

The collaboration between BNF Bank and the Office of the President that began way back in 2008 with an innovative fun run for charity, kick started what is now a veritable trend of fun runs in Malta organised by many associations in aid of different noble causes. The first run attracted a few thousand walkers. Since then the participation rate has quadrupled and so have the interest, enthusiasm and voluntary hands on board. With people collecting every commemorative T-shirt from each edition, it can safely be said that the event has truly and genuinely engaged people.

The President’s Solidarity Fun Run is BNF Bank’s flagship CSR event, in which all the Bank’s corporate and social responsibility efforts and activities culminate. The large collector of funds for philanthropy however is but one of the Bank’s activities in a wider remit of community action it embraces. Spurred by a commitment to pitch in towards a truly inclusive society, the Bank allocates funds to support initiatives in the areas of education, health, heritage, culture and art.