BNF Bank supports ‘Malta Together’

April 22, 2020
June 20, 2023
BNF Bank supports ‘Malta Together’


As COVID-19 sweeps across the world, life as we know it has come to a temporary halt with most people resorting to the internet to tend to their everyday needs. Whilst communities adapt to this new reality brought about by the importance of social distancing, 'Malta Together' have developed a non-profit centralised online platform; www.Malta Together.com. The portal serves as a one-stop website, featuring initiatives, streamlined information, activities for kids and teens as well as online classes for all the family.

BNF Bank supports this creative non-profit initiative as it provides a great informative space, encourages creativity and most importantly brings our community together despite social distancing. Our collaboration with Malta Together serves to further support the local community and help the nation stay positive during this crisis.

The feedback from users of the platform has been highly positive to-date with hundreds of messages of gratitude received from all over Malta and Gozo.Malta Together aims to continue expanding by adding more services and initiatives every day. Submissions of services or initiatives can be made free of charge through the website www.maltatogether.com.