BNF Bank supports Malta Libraries with book donations

September 2, 2022
June 20, 2023
BNF Bank supports Malta Libraries with book donations

BNF Bank is keeping its commitment towards supporting literacy initiatives and education at different levels and has donated a selection of books to Malta Libraries as part of the Bank's strategy to give back to the community where it operates. With the direct involvement of its Naxxar, Rabat, Paola and Qormi branches, represented by the respective Branch Managers Marco Zammit, Carmen Borg, Samuel Cassar and Desiree Pace, the Bank donated a number of publications to each of the libraries these localities in an effort to provide junior readers aged up to 17, with quality literature at a level which is adequate and complementary to their education.

Apart from the traditional print, the donated collection includes level readers, publications in braille and dyslexic friendly and large print. The objective of this initiative is to promote reading and literacy among the younger generation in both Maltese and English, whilst giving due attention to inclusivity, urging the public to visit local libraries more frequently.

The BNF Bank Branch Managers involved in this initiative commented that "While acknowledging that child development happens through various contexts, we firmly believe in the power of early reading and the cognitive learning that happens when children immerse themselves in stories, characters and language, allowing them to challenge themselves and tap into their full potential through the pages of a book".Malta Libraries responsible for the national and public libraries across various towns and villages, caters for a steady demand from the communities they are located in, and promotes the importance of reading for study, research, self-development and lifelong learning and leisure. Malta Libraries Chief Executive Officer and National Librarian Cheryl Falzon thanked BNF Bank for its generous donation, as well as each of the BNF branch managers who presented the books to each library.