BNF Bank supports Inspire and pushes inclusion and diversity agenda

May 11, 2023
June 20, 2023
BNF Bank supports Inspire and pushes inclusion and diversity agenda

In a drive to push its inclusion and diversity agenda, BNF Bank teamed up with Inspire Foundation to organise several initiatives, as part of its social commitment during World Autism Month in April.

The team at BNF joined an online talk on autism delivered by Inspire Foundation, that helped spread awareness on the disability and promote empathy and understanding for the autism community in Malta, fostering increased support where it matters. The talk also touched on the values of diversity and inclusion in the workplace, and how these notions and soft skills can contribute towards a healthier and more positive place of work, as well as at home.

On the external front, the Bank made a meaningful donation to Inspire - a collective effort by management as well as employees who personally donated via the staff led '#YourCause' initiative. The funds were used to purchase autism sensory kits, utilised with children with autism during their daily activities at Inspire. The kits help advance the children's ability to engage with the world around them, help reduce anxiety and frustration and greatly improve their lives within their families.

It is not the first time that BNF Bank has supported Inspire Foundation. Rueben Bezzina, Head of Retail Banking at BNF Bank said: "The Inspire Foundation is a vital part of our community and share our same values on inclusivity. We acknowledge the great strides that Inspire has made in our society over the years and we are always eager to participate in initiatives and projects that make a meaningful difference and social impact."

Antonello Gauci, Chief Executive Officer at Inspire explained the complex and personalised approach towards persons with a disability and their families which they welcome, highlighting also the various philanthropic initiatives the organisation engages in. Mr Gauci spoke about the numerous programmes offered to the public, from the running of the Rehabilitation and Wellness Centre and indoor pool for all age groups from new-borns to elderly, as well as the charity shops for which volunteers are always needed.

The Inspire Foundation works and advocates for equality and inclusion for persons with disability. The NGO provides individuals and their families with educational, therapeutic and leisure services and helps hundreds of individuals with various disabilities among which autism, cerebral palsy and others.