BNF Bank supports Hospice Malta

August 5, 2020
June 20, 2023
BNF Bank supports Hospice Malta

BNF Bank is committed to contributing towards the social progress of the community by supporting local, voluntary, not for profit organisations that strive to make a difference in people's lives. Hospice Malta, provider of specialised palliative care is one of the organisations that benefits from BNF Bank's Corporate Social Responsibility programme.

The NGO offers all its services free of charge in addition to providing emotional and psycho-social support to patients and their families at a time when they are most vulnerable. Hospice Malta is able to keep its operations going thanks to the dedicated team of volunteers who willingly put in the hours and also due to the incoming donations from businesses and the general public.

Following a presentation of donation to Hospice Malta, Mrs. Maruska Buttigieg Gili, BNF Bank's Chief Risk Officer said that "over the years, the Bank has continued to develop its social responsibility programme into one that can leave a lasting impact in our community. BNF Bank greatly values Hospice Malta's ongoing commitment to alleviating human suffering through palliative care services to patients and their families.''

Mrs. Bernardette Bonnici Kind, Hospice Malta's Chairperson commented that "it is thanks to similar acts of solidarity that for the past 31 years, Hospice Malta has been able to continue with its service of providing free-of-charge palliative care on the Maltese Islands. With help from generous benefactors like BNF Bank we pledge to maintain the excellent delivery of our services.

"You too can help make a difference in someone's life by donating and joining the community to become a Hospice Supporter. Visit www.hospicemalta.org.  BNF Bank Chief Risk Officer, Maruska Buttigieg Gili presenting BNF's donation to Mrs. Bernardette Bonnici Kind, Hospice Malta Chairperson and Mr. Kenneth Delia, Hospice Malta's Chief Executive Officer.