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BNF Bank signs strategic partnership with Microsoft Innovation Centre

November 4, 2019
June 20, 2023
BNF Bank signs strategic partnership with Microsoft Innovation Centre

BNF Bank has signed a strategic partnership agreement with Microsoft Innovation Centre (MIC) - a premier alliance that will see the Bank position itself as a key contributor to MIC's programmes of entrepreneurship and innovation.

MIC's non-profit focus is to explore the world of tech and the digital customer while leveraging the platforms of start-ups, accelerators, vendors and academic institutions. The innovation centre provides a nurturing environment for all ages. It also serves as a catalyst for relationships between emerging technology and digital customer needs and translates these insights into actionable strategy.

The Bank will be participating in MIC's events on many levels - giving its contribution to the Board as it joins other players from various industries, pitching in on outreach and brand while reaching target business markets.

Keeping in touch with high-level corporates and the business community will strengthen the Bank's own outreach strategy. Taking part in activities that bridge education with industry, will give BNF product specialists the opportunity to keep abreast with the challenges of student entrepreneurship and start-ups.

"We are very pleased to sign this partnership agreement with Microsoft, a global leader in technology and innovation," said George Debono, Chief Commercial Officer at BNF Bank. "We look forward to support innovation in Malta in a period when transformative technologies make such a big impact on customer behaviour and product development. Our collaboration with MIC will also spill over into social responsibility where we can both share our skills sets and expertise in helping start-ups realise their dreams at a time when they need most support."

"Over the past six years, MIC has seen over 10,000 people trained in workshops, 100 start-ups and a staggering 250,000 visitors pass through our doors!" said Mary Downing, Manager of the Microsoft Innovation Centre. "We are extremely pleased to have BNF on board with us to share in our success and we look forward to having BNF contribute to our exciting journey."