BNF Bank organises family recreation day at L’Arka ta’ Noe

November 16, 2018
June 20, 2023
BNF Bank organises family recreation day at L’Arka ta’ Noe

The BNF Bank extended family eagerly made its way to L’Arka ta’ Noe in Siggiewi last Sunday for an exhilarating family adventure and fun-filled afternoon at the animal sanctuary. The sanctuary is spread over 15 tumoli of land, home of tens of exotic animals who live there.

Organised by the Bank’s Sports and Social Committee, the event offered an alternative experience to employees and their families, most of whom have never seen exotic animals up close and personal. An educational visit as well as a recreational one, the event made sure both adults and the young ones were kept in awe of the beautiful creatures in the park.

The tiger cubs were undoubtedly the stars of the show. But the animal lover sanctuary, a popular destination for school visits, also hosts an extensive range of animals such as pairs of tigers, alpakas, lemurs, zebras, monkeys, emus, kangaroos, and deer. Other animals include birds, horses, goats and donkeys. The animals, abandoned by their mother, are given shelter at the sanctuary and are given all the attention required by dedicated carers whose passion for animals is second to none.

“And what an exciting afternoon that was!” said a representative from the Bank’s Sports and Social Committee. “Interacting with such beautiful creatures was such a thrill and the children couldn’t stop chatting excitedly long after we all got home! As a committee we love coming up with interesting events that surprise and entertain our team, and create memorable experiences.”

The BNF Bank Sports and Social Committee sets a calendar of events for the Bank’s staff and their families, intended to bring employees together outside the office environment and offer time for socialising. Activities vary to include sports, adventures, culture, social and philanthropy.