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BNF Bank marks listing on the Malta Stock Exchange with ringing of the bell ceremony

August 9, 2022
June 20, 2023
BNF Bank marks listing on the Malta Stock Exchange with ringing of the bell ceremony

BNF Bank p.l.c. has celebrated its very first listing on the Malta Stock Exchange with the traditional "Ringing of the Bell" ceremony. The Bank's bond issue was a resounding success, allocating its €5,000,000 over-allotment option in full and closing the issue at €20,000,000 one week in advance of its closing date.

Throughout these years, with the new shareholders taking over the Bank's majority stake in 2016, BNF has delivered a resilient and robust financial performance across a highly valued and trusted brand, immediately associated with the personalised service and customer-centric approach that BNF Bank has become renowned for. The listing will enable the Bank's continued growth plans, delivering high-quality service to its customers and supporting the community which it serves.

Dr Michael Frendo, Chairman at BNF Bank commented that "The successful closure of the Bond issue marks yet another significant milestone in the Bank's journey since its establishment 15 years ago.  The expression of trust and faith of our investors is a testament to our resilient performance, solid growth and strong brand identity bolstering our commitment to see the bank continue grow and support the Maltese economy."

In addition, Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director Michael Collis also expressed his satisfaction at the successful closing of the bond issue, saying "We are very pleased with the market's response and the strong show of confidence by local investors. We thank our appointed Sponsor & Manager, Jesmond Mizzi Financial Advisors, Legal Counsel, Ganado Advocates, and the Malta Stock Exchange as the registrar for their support in this issue.  A special thanks goes to the dedicated team at BNF Bank who worked hard on this issue and all our staff for their continued passion and dedication in their daily work."