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BNF Bank invests in its people’s development and personal growth

September 30, 2020
June 20, 2023
BNF Bank invests in its people’s development and personal growth

In line with rapid industry developments, BNF's training programs are devised to offer BNF employees the opportunities to help them grow both personally and professionally. In so doing, employees are kept abreast of the current industry changes and are given the necessary prospects to accumulate their competencies and knowledge, enabling them to perform their tasks efficiently.

Karl Dingli, Head of Corporate Services at BNF Bank said that "we believe in providing equal opportunities to all BNF staff as a means of preserving and broadening the diverse and well-balanced 200+ strong team who hold varying levels of professional experience and skillsets". He further commented on the BNF training strategy "which is formed around blending traditional classroom learning with online training tools to provide a solution that meets our employees needs in a fast-paced environment".

Driven by the need for brisk professional growth, the Bank has partnered up with Skillsoft, the innovative international leader in eLearning and online training. This collaboration introduces the concept of online training at BNF, giving its employees the opportunity to learn at their own pace through the comfort of their workstation, at home and even through their own personal mobile devices - guaranteeing that COVID-19 social distancing measures are adhered to.

The BNF eLearning training platform has been specifically set up to cater for an array of learning modalities that can be accessed remotely at the employee's leisure, practice through assessments and follow-up questionnaires at their own pace.

Via the introduction of such simplified training and development opportunities, BNF remains committed to ensure that staff have the required competences to continue enabling the provision of an excellent customer experience paired with improved personal and corporate performance.