BNF Bank helps bring the Xemxija Flour Mill Room back to life

January 3, 2022
June 20, 2023
BNF Bank helps bring the Xemxija Flour Mill Room back to life

The clean-up and contribution towards the restoration of the Underground Flour Mill Room in Xemxija is an initiative by BNF Bank aimed at giving back to the community by looking after the local heritage and environment.

On Saturday 20th November, a group of staff from BNF Bank volunteered their time to join forces in an extensive clean-up of the Xemxija Flour Mill Room. A contribution was also made by BNF Bank towards the future restoration of the historical site. In collaboration with the St. Paul's Bay Local Council, this initiative was carried out by BNF's St. Paul's Bay Branch as a concrete means to be part of the local community it serves.

With environment, philanthropy, culture and heritage at the heart of BNF Bank's Corporate Social Responsibility Strategy, focusing on the Xemxija Flour Mill Room represented an opportunity to look after an important piece of Maltese heritage in great need of upkeep, which was itself conceived to preserve the survival of the Maltese community.

The Underground Flour Mill in Xemxija, in fact, was built by the British in the 1950s in the beginning of the Cold War, to keep providing flour and prevent shortage of food in case of a nuclear attack. Today, it is the only underground mill in working state out of eight emergency mills built around Malta and Gozo.

St. Paul's Bay Branch Manager, Kurt Pulis, is proud of this successful initiative: "As a local Bank, we are committed to playing an active role in our community. Heritage is part of our culture and we believe it is our duty to help preserving it. I am grateful to all the team members that took part in organising and carrying out the clean-up, and to the St. Paul's Bay Local Council that helped us make this happen".

Alfred Grima, St. Paul's Bay's Local Council's Mayor, expressed his appreciation towards BNF Bank's efforts: "This is a tangible contribution towards enabling our residents to enjoy the heritage found in St. Paul's Bay. The clean-up of the area around the Mill Room is making visits more accessible, with further improvement being brought about by the upcoming restoration".

In line with a sense of cooperation, responsibility and empathy, the clean-up also served as an occasion to build stronger relationships between BNF staff members, with staff from the 12 BNF Bank branches all over Malta joining the St. Paul's Bay branch to volunteer their time towards a good cause with the ultimate aim of bringing heritage back to life, fully enjoyed by the local community.

This commitment is part of a series of "Branch in the Community" initiatives by BNF Bank, bringing forward a concrete vision to bring about positive change through the continuous cooperation between bank and the territories and communities in which they operate.