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BNF Bank gives new life to its St Julian’s branch façade

May 28, 2021
June 20, 2023
BNF Bank gives new life to its St Julian’s branch façade

BNF Bank has completed the renovation of the façade of its St Julian's branch.  The characteristic building with traditional Maltese architectural features, in the heart of the picturesque Spinola Bay, has been synonymous with the Bank since the start of its operations in Malta.

With a view to continue fostering a health conscious and positive workplace for BNF Bank employees, and a welcoming environment to its customers, the Corporate Services Department team at BNF work tirelessly to ensure that a pleasant environment which respects the local fibre and heritage transpires across the Bank's twelve retail branches. The restoration project of the St. Julian's branch, which currently also accommodates the Corporate and Business Centre, is the most recent to reach completion.

In line with local planning regulations, the scheme emphasises the local cultural identity through architecture with the subtle inclusion of the BNF brand identity. With culture and heritage forming an integral part of BNF's CSR and ESG initiatives, the Bank remains committed in safeguarding the environment and heritage to be enjoyed by future generations.

Whilst keeping customers at the forefront, the team worked hard to ensure that the renovation works created minimal disruptions while ensuring the smooth running of the Bank's operations taking rigorous health and safety precautions.

The St. Julian's branch holds significant importance for BNF, given that it was the first branch to open its doors to the public back in 2008. This branch houses the Bank's Corporate teams, composed of professional bankers who are committed to support family businesses and companies to grow and prosper with a top-class range of tailor-made solutions. BNF has since gone from strength to strength through customer-centric operations, a focus on people and constant efforts to streamline processes for maximum efficiency to serve both its personal and business clients in the best way possible.