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BNF Bank engages Bortex and Luke Azzopardi for new corporate uniforms

January 12, 2022
June 20, 2023
BNF Bank engages Bortex and Luke Azzopardi for new corporate uniforms

The new BNF Bank uniforms are a product of the collaboration between local fine tailoring house Bortex and creative director Luke Azzopardi.

As of December 2021, BNF Bank customers are greeted by staff wearing new uniforms that embody the brand's identity and dedication to providing superior service. The uniforms are worn across 12 retail branches as a refreshed complement to the team's work ethic.

BNF Bank is well-known for being strongly connected with the territory and communities they serve. Bortex Fine Tailoring were shortlisted and selected as the suppliers of BNF Bank's uniforms, bringing on years of experience in supplying high-quality materials while ensuring comfort and practicality. Award-winning local designer Luke Azzopardi has given an artistic touch to the brand and style through the design of bespoke scarves and ties, both of which having subtle integrations of the Bank's logo, the velos.

"We believe that opportunities start with a conversation.  It was time to further reflect the value we give to our relationships with each and every customer. We are proud to have elevated our identity by engaging top-quality Maltese manufacturers and designers." said Karl Dingli, Head of Corporate Services at BNF Bank.

The new designs are inspired by BNF Bank's branding and recognisable colour palette. "Our studio is moving towards a diversification of work, focusing on multimedia collaborations", says Luke Azzopardi, who was in charge of creating unique designs for BNF Bank staff members' scarves and ties. "We are very happy to be designing BNF Bank new uniforms, injecting them with a sense of luxury and heightened aestheticism".

The Bortex team is excited about this new collaboration: "As Bortex, we are delighted to have been entrusted by BNF for the provision of their uniforms.  Our objective with BNF is to deliver a product that is of quality, comfortable to wear and easy to maintain."

The creation of new uniforms is part of BNF Bank's ongoing journey to provide a personable and tailored customer experience to their clients. The values of professionalism, integrity, efficiency and approachability have been particularly relevant, especially amidst the pandemic, in earning the bank the title of Malta's 'Bank of the Year' by The Banker a publication of the Financial Times, for two years consecutively, in 2020 and 2021.