BNF Bank employees get casual for generosity

July 30, 2021
June 20, 2023
BNF Bank employees get casual for generosity

Forming part of the bank's culture, BNF Bank's team is constantly active and ready to help in areas of society where social lacunae exist through various Corporate and Social Responsibility initiatives. Despite staff working remotely since March 2020, BNF Bank employees truly embraced the value of solidarity during these past months.  The collective drive of the team has been acknowledged through the bank-wide monthly staff initiative #YourCause, organised on every last Friday of the month with employees donating money for different causes nominated by themselves. During the pandemic, the pleas for assistance increased and each contribution filled donors and recipients with a heart-warming feeling and much needed empathy in trying times.

Already a good number of NGOs and individuals have been assisted throughout 2021.  BNF Bank started the year by supporting St.Jeanne Antide Foundation through Terra Di Mezzo (TDM) 2000, a holistic Non-Governmental Organisation which helps vulnerable individuals and families who are suffering due to difficult life circumstances whilst creating opportunities for youth members to become active in society. With a goal of opening Hospice Malta's first palliative care complex in St. Venera, BNF Bank employees together with management contributed a generous sum during the organisation's telethon Bl-Imħabba Naslu.

BNF staff donated essential food items to Foodbank Lifeline Foundation to help over 300 family members who through no fault of their own would have found themselves in hardship.  In an effort to mark World Autism Month, the bank called for employees to 'Draw for Autism', as a sign of support to families and individuals, affected by the condition.   The donations like the drawings made the lives of the beneficiaries a little bit more colourful.

With an outpouring call of support from BNF employees, following a national appeal by local football Marsa FC player Patrick Maia and his family, employees enthusiastically helped Luca Maia receive the treatment he requires from his aggressive metastatic cancer.  Fondazzjoni Sebħ's mission was also endorsed to extend a supporting hand to children, young people and survivors of domestic violence.

"Giving back to the community is something BNF Bank strongly believes in and through these initiatives we empathise in a tangible way, with those members of society who pass through difficult situations", said Michael Collis, Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director at BNF Bank. "We support and promote this drive of solidarity.  It is very satisfying to see our staff engaging enthusiastically while contributing money and personal time to these monthly initiatives for the benefit of underprivileged and needy people in society".