BNF Bank awarded ‘Best Innovation in Retail Banking Malta 2018’

December 7, 2018
June 20, 2023
BNF Bank awarded ‘Best Innovation in Retail Banking Malta 2018’

Global banking analyst and periodical International Banker has chosen BNF Bank for the award of Best Innovation in Retail Banking Malta 2018. The prize is one of a number of awards established to recognise top-ranking organisations that are doing exceptionally well, and which set new benchmarks for performance within the financial industry.

“We adopt a laser-focused approach to providing recognition where it is due,” said a representative from International Banker. “A good bank is defined by its differences. It will not be exactly the same as the other because it will be shaped by the needs and demands of its own unique customers. The size of the bank is not as important as the size of its impact. International Banker recognises that many smaller banking firms enjoy greater flexibility in answering needs with effective solutions.”

BNF Bank Chief Executive Officer Michael Collis, accompanied by Head of Business Development Melvin Pellicano, was in London for the prize giving ceremony at the London Stock Exchange. He said “The award presented to our Bank reflects the importance we have always given to four solid operational value-added elements – a focused banking model, a personalised customer service, a visible and trustworthy brand that has gone from strength to strength as BNF Bank, and the enthusiasm and perseverance of our team in a highly competitive market.”

“The result of these core drivers is an unparalleled retail banking service in a local context where discerning clients expect professional and personal attention. We could not have achieved this award without our great team! We are very grateful for having professional, motivated people on board, whose dedication is unfailing.”

BNF Bank is one of Malta’s five core systemic banks. With a 200+ strong team, a network of branches and ATMs across the Islands, the Bank offers a wide range of personal and business products, catering for the changing needs of a market in rapid transformation. Through a segmented approach, BNF Bank focuses on the lifecycles of both personal customers and businesses, modeling products to the effect and combining it with a tailored service.