April 19, 2012
June 20, 2023

As a fully-fledged bank in its fifth year of local operations, Banif Bank (Malta) plc is in a position, depending on local market demands, to periodically fine-tune and improve the wide range of products and services it offers. These vary from loan facilities and card products, to advantageous and innovative savings schemes such as the Hi-Saver Account. Ever since its introduction in the local market, the Hi Saver Account has been a very popular savings product amongst the ever-growing Banif customer base, because it gives clients the opportunity to save towards a future goal such as a holiday, a new car or home furnishings.

While acknowledging the benefits provided by the Hi-Saver Account, Banif Bank sought to enhance this savings scheme further. Interest rates have been improved, and even doubled for certain deposit periods. In addition, clients can now avail themselves of two savings options rather than one.

In this way, clients opting for the re-launched 15-Month Hi-Saver Account now have the flexibility of choosing the minimum opening balance, and subsequent monthly deposit payments, which best suits their lifestyle. Over the initial period of 12 months, the interest rate has doubled to 2.5%. For the remaining three months, the balance is transferred automatically to a term deposit account, paying a very attractive interest rate of 4%.

To mark this re-launch, for a limited time-period, clients opening a new Hi-Saver Account from Banif, are entitled to a fee-free Classic Credit Card for the first year, if they are new Banif Credit Card Holders.

Further information about the Hi Saver Account from Banif, or any of the other Bank’s products, can be obtained by logging onto, by visiting one of the Bank’s branches or by calling 2260 1000.