Banif's Night at the Museum

March 12, 2013
June 20, 2023
Banif's Night at the Museum

It was an alternative night out for Banif employees at the 5th Anniversary Staff Celebrations organised by the Bank in the newly refurbished Wignacourt Collegiate Museum in Rabat. Banif Bank is this year celebrating its five successful years of operations, and it was fit and apt to treat staff and thank them for being the driving force behind the Bank’s success.  

The Banif team was welcomed to this unique heritage site by the Bank’s directors and management. The Museum is a baroque residence of the Chaplains of the Knights of Malta and forms part of a Pauline complex just outside the walls of the old Roman city. Hosted to a reception in the main ground floor hall of the Museum, employees could admire the rich heritage that the Baroque complex holds.

The cherry on the cake was a surprise tour of the complex, where staff under the expert guidance of the passionate Museum tour guides, visited the impressive picture gallery, the collection of precious objects, St Paul’s Grotto, a complex of World War II shelters and the Catacombs.

Staff could well appreciate the collection of paintings by Mattia Preti, Antoine Favray, Francesco Zahra and other Maltese and European artists, as well as a collection of 17th-19th century Spanish, Italian and Maltese silver. The collection of old relics and reliquaries and sculptures in wood, alabaster and bronze were a downright treat, as were the maps, coins, prints and rare books.  The team then made its way underground, visiting the fifty rooms in the World War II shelters and  St Paul’s Grotto.

“Banif Bank owes much to its dedicated team that has spurred the achievements and success of the Bank, and the rapid growth it has experienced over a short period,” said Adrian Coppini, Chief Officer Corporate Services at Banif Bank (Malta) plc. “Banif’s 5th Anniversary Staff Celebration at the Wignacourt Museum was a fit treat to show the Bank’s appreciation to the dedication and loyalty of our team. Combining good food, cheer and culture worked exceptionally well!”