Banif’s cards go 3D Secure!

February 9, 2017
June 20, 2023
Banif’s cards go 3D Secure!

Banif has rolled out 3D Secure on all its Visa Debit and Credit Cards. This means that all Banif cardholders will benefit from an additional layer of security when shopping online.3D Secure helps prevent fraud and unauthorised transactions by confirming the identity of the person making a purchase. This is done through the use of One-Time-Passwords which are sent to the cardholder’s chosen mobile number whenever an eligible transaction is made.“Our aim has always been to offer payment methods which conform to the highest levels of security and ease of use,” said Chris Micallef, Head of Operations and Systems at Banif Bank. “3D Secure, free to all our cardholders, is powered by Visa and has seen widespread adoption across Europe as a leading tool for the prevention of fraud and unauthorised transactions.”

To apply, all customers need to do is log on to Banif’s internet banking platform at or visit a Banif Branch.