Banif’s battery banks energise the environment!

December 23, 2016
June 20, 2023
Banif’s battery banks energise the environment!

As part of its Earth Month initiative earlier this year, Banif Bank distributed battery banks to all its branches, through which an impressive amount batteries have been collected for recycling!

Through this initiative, Banif implemented a permanent environmentally-friendly change by accepting a new type of deposit, deploying battery banks across branches for staff and customers to bring in used batteries for recycling, helping to reduce waste and combat the potential hazards of improper disposal.

“We take sustainability seriously here at Banif,” said Keith Borg, Health and Safety Executive. “What started off as a relatively small action during Earth Hour has now evolved into a more holistic approach to implementing greener practices throughout the Bank. Our battery banks are one such practice which actually produces physically tangible results, and better still, allows our customers to contribute too. So, if you have any spare batteries lying around, make sure to do your part and bring them to your nearest Banif branch!”