Banif teams up with Everest 2014 to promote corporate values

May 15, 2014
June 20, 2023
Banif teams up with Everest 2014 to promote corporate values

Douglas Barbaro Sant, Matthew Xerri, Gregory Attard and Raphael Fenech Adami are on a two-month expedition, climbing Mount Everest from the North East Ridge, backed by Banif Bank (Malta) plc who joined other corporates in supporting the endeavour. The team is planning a possible summit bid on May 21.

“It was not difficult for Banif Bank to extend its support to Everest 2014,” said Adrian Coppini, Chief Officer for Corporate Services. “As a Bank that has surprised the local market with its fast growth over a short period, Banif believes in promoting the values that helped put the organisation where it is today – ambition, hard work, resilience, team work, belief in oneself – all values sported by this team of brave buddies who are not daunted by the gargantuan challenge they are currently undertaking.

”As Matthew Xerri blogged on the Everest14 Facebook page, “the process of evolution from an idea to reality is riddled with setbacks, hardship and adversity. Passion, ambition and determination blend together into a ritual of meticulous planning, training and preparation. Faith, luck or destiny do not come into the equation; nothing can be left to chance!”The characteristics of the endeavour are aligned with the character of Bank and the collaboration with Everest 2014 will translate into a tangible project, as initiatives to pair up with Gregory Attard and his team mates are lined up for staff, in an effort to enhance soft skills.

“We are proud of this team who are taking the Banif flag to the top – a gesture full of significance and meaning,” continued Mr Coppini. “We are following their progress closely and ultimately wish them a safe return home.”

Photo caption: Banif believes in the values that spur people to the top!