Banif team in goods delivery to Dar il-Wens

April 4, 2013
June 20, 2023
Banif team in goods delivery to Dar il-Wens

Employees of Banif Bank (Malta) plc donated a large amount of food stuffs, groceries and home cleaning products to Dar il-Wens Residential Home in Paola, in an initiative organised by the Banif Sports and Social Committee (BSSC).

As part of the Bank’s aim to reach out to disadvantaged groups in society, the BSSC has this year embarked on a new initiative that encourages employees to donate food preserves and home products to a number of philanthropic causes and beneficiaries. Large carton boxes are made available at the Bank’s Central Services and Branches, so that employees can deposit their donations, on a quarterly basis.

“The smiles we got from the residents when we visited Dar il-Wens made our small gesture of altruism go a long way,” said Chris Ciantar from BSSC. “Our modest contribution was greatly appreciated and our visit was an eye-opener, as residents and management shared their individual and collective experiences with us.” BSSC member Jeremy Parnis said “It’s great to see the residents interact and participate in community life, as a result of the care and service offered by Dar il-Wens. We’re glad to have supported this community.”

Fondazzjoni Wens is committed to enhancing the quality of life of persons with a disability through innovative personalised support, expertise and advocacy. It aims to ensure that disabled persons can execute their right to fully participate in community life. The Foundation runs Dar il-Wens Residential Home in Kalkara and The Independent Living apartments in Paola. These are places of respite and support and ensure optimal training of residents so that they may attain independent living skills.

Photo (from left): Ronald Galea from Fondazzjoni Wens with Chris Ciantar and Jeremy Parnis.