Banif team goes underwater

September 25, 2013
June 20, 2023
Banif team goes underwater

What happens to your body underwater? A team from Banif Bank found out when they attended a ‘Try Dive’ event organised by the Banif Sports & Social Committee. A technical briefing by diving instructors from DiveWise gave the team basic but essential tips on what to expect when they venture below the surface of the water. These included how to check their tank pressure and what to do should they lose the regulator from their mouth, how to communicate underwater using diver sign language, how to empty water from masks and other valuable information prior to the first dive.

After the briefing the team donned diving gear and made their way to the sea to try out different skills in the shallow water, before taking to the open sea. “Diving in the open water was an amazing experience and an overwhelming one,” said Elisa Farrugia from the Bank’s Sports and Social Committee. “Most of the team managed to get to six metres depth and more, and between popping ears and involuntarily back-flipping like turtles, we all experienced what nature underwater looks like. It was worth overcoming our fears for this!”

The Banif Sports & Social Committee organises social activities and CSR events on a regular basis, with the aim of strengthening employee relationships through team building, giving employees the opportunity to try out new fun sports and adventure events, and reaching out to the community with initiatives of a social responsibility nature.