Banif team enjoys Bond Christmas Party

December 22, 2015
June 20, 2023
Banif team enjoys Bond Christmas Party

Banif Bank held its traditional staff Christmas Party at Ferretti in Birzebbugia, amid Bond-themed decorations and icons.

With backdrops featuring modern-day Craig set against the beautiful Skyfall landscapes to a certain Mr Connery leaning on his trademark Aston Martin, the tuxedo-clad gents and ballroom-chic ladies had no problem easing into the secret agent swagger. The snazzy Versatile Brass band set the mood with some silky jazz before progressing to upbeat, lively tunes later in the night.

“This will be our last staff event this year, besides the Children’s Party,” said Edward Cachia, member of the Bank’s Sports and Social Committee responsible for organising such events. “This past year has been a fantastic experience for two reasons. Firstly, because we got a taster of event planning, from the idea stage to the final execution and all the logistics in between… something I don’t get to do in my regular job. Secondly, because we were able to see our team grow stronger and closer thanks to the teambuilding and social events we organised like paintball, a music quiz, a trip to Sicily and of course our Summer and Christmas parties. It’s always fantastic when we have people from different departments and branches who don’t see each other that often coming together and hitting it off.”