Banif supports Multiple Sclerosis Society

February 26, 2014
June 20, 2023
Banif supports Multiple Sclerosis Society

A modest donation was made to the Multiple Sclerosis Society of Malta by the Banif Bank Sports and Social Committee, as a gesture to acknowledge the sterling work that many dedicated volunteers are doing. The donation, collected through a fund-raising activity attended by Banif employees, will help the Society offer subsidised physiotherapy to their members suffering from multiple sclerosis.

The Multiple Sclerosis Society of Malta was set up in 1997. It aims to expand public awareness on the disease and offers individual and family services and rehabilitation in MS. Apart from subsidised physiotherapy to members it also offers group psychotherapy for the whole family. It also seeks new knowledge, disseminates it and applies it for the benefit of persons with MS.

“There are 300 persons in Malta known to have MS,” said Chris Ciantar from the Banif Sports and Social Committee. “We hope our gesture will be emulated by others, so that together we can battle this rather invisible disease.” Multiple Sclerosis is a disease of the central nervous system. The brain and spinal cord send messages to the rest of the body through electrical impulses. In persons with MS, these electrical impulses do not get through as they should due to damage to the message transmission system. It's called ‘multiple’ because more than one area of the brain and/or spinal cord is affected. The symptoms of the disease vary from problems with vision or sensation to mobility or coordination. In some cases MS can cause pain, speech disturbances or emotional impairment.

Caption from left: Chris Ciantar, Jeremy Parnis from Banif, and Carmen Muscat, Therese Agius from the Multiple Sclerosis Society