Banif steps up green efforts

April 19, 2016
June 20, 2023
Banif steps up green efforts

Sustainability is one of the cornerstones of Banif’s philosophy, and it is for this reason that the Bank implemented a number of environmentally themed activities throughout March and April as part of the Banif Earth Month.

The initiatives kicked off with Earth Hour – the global initiative aimed at raising awareness and shining a light on climate change. As in previous years, the Bank joined thousands of organisations worldwide by switching off auxiliary lights across its branch network. This time round, Banif went a step further by leaving them off for an entire long weekend.

Each Branch and Unit nominated their Green Captains, who were encouraged to contribute suggestions for more eco-friendly practices across the Bank. They were then tasked with being the drivers of change, and sharing what their teams did around the office and at home to aid the planet be greener.

Banif implemented a permanent change by accepting a new type of deposit, deploying battery banks across branches for staff and customers to bring in used batteries for recycling, helping to reduce waste and combat the potential hazards of improper disposal.

All this was supported by promotion on social media which raised awareness on the importance of looking after our planet and explained how Banif Bank, its team and customers all came together to help #ChangeClimateChange.