Banif social team discovers Floriana

June 8, 2017
June 20, 2023
Banif social team discovers Floriana

The Banif Sports and Social Committee organised a staff tour of Floriana for those employees interested in history and heritage. The Group was hosted at the Police Headquarters housed in the imposing palazzo which holds in store a wealth of historical information. A former house for poor girls, then turned hospital, the building was built in 1725 during Grand Master de Vilhena’s reign. It now houses two very interesting exhibitions in the Police Museum and the Museum of Crime. The Group also visited shelters beneath the headquarters which used to serve as surgery rooms during the war.

The group also walked to St Philip’s Garden, also known as ‘Il-Ġnien tal-General’ (The General’s Garden) and forms part of the Argotti, set within the ditch of St Philip’s Bastion. The garden is known for its beautiful three-tiered basin fountain in the centre, originally erected in the square in front of the Grand Master’s Palace in Valletta during Grand Master Pinto’s reign.

And because history and heritage makes one hungry, the group proceeded to King’s Own Band Club for nibbles, drinks and a good chat, to close off the evening.  “The committee always comes up with original events that primarily aim to bring us together,” said Justin Teuma, the Bank’s Health and Safety Executive who joined the tour. “Over and above, these events always have a theme and when there are elements of history and heritage, I always make it a point to attend. It’s great to socialise outside of the work environment.”