Banif renews MCAST collaboration

June 15, 2016
June 20, 2023
Banif renews MCAST collaboration

For the fifth year running, Banif has renewed its support for the MCAST Institute for the Creative Arts by sponsoring its Annual End of Year Exhibition 2016 ‘Leave a Mark’. This is part of an agreement which will see the two organisations work together on initiatives that seek to bridge the gap between education and industry.

The Bank joins a number of sponsors from various industry sectors in extending financial aid to the Institute that goes towards the organisation of a yearly showcase of student work. 'The Exhibition this year promises to celebrate the upcoming generation of artists by exhibiting their work, and by creating activities in which the Institute can dialogue with the industry, as well as local and international stakeholders,' said Tyrone Grima, Director, MCAST Institute of Creative Arts.

Over the years, Banif has provided numerous opportunities to students following Fine Art and Photography courses through specifically designed Life Case projects. These case-studies simulate an industry environment by using real briefs, brand guidelines and targets. The final works, as well as, the artists themselves, are then given prominence in the Bank’s collateral, with past projects being featured in the Banif yearly agenda, social media and website, branch installations, a terrace mural and a travelling exhibition across its branches, amongst others.

“These projects provide invaluable experience to students, who can get a taste of industry practices and requirements in parallel with their studies,” said Karl Dingli, Head of Corporate Services at Banif Bank. “This collaboration ticks many boxes for us.  Banif is able to underline its commitment to the community and to the arts whilst strengthening its ties and support to this excellent educational institution. More importantly, we will be doing our part to provide opportunities and exposure to the next generation of aspiring artists.”

Photo: Luca Azzopardi presenting the installation idea to Banif Bank, taken on board for the upcoming MCAST exhibition.