Banif is the ideal partner for one's banking needs

September 19, 2012
June 20, 2023
Banif is the ideal partner for one's banking needs

Banif Bank is growing from strength to strength and has established itself as a leading local financial institution for all one’s banking needs. With the regular upgrade of its full portfolio of products, new innovative offers, added-value to customers and a strong reputation for personal attention, Banif is the ideal banking partner for both individual needs and business requirements.  

The Bank has embarked on a campaign to remind people of the full scale of its savings solutions. “Apart from our special offers on term deposits that are always so popular with the market, Banif offers a wide-scale range of savings products designed to assist people in saving during their lifetime,” said Dirk Spiteri Lucas, Head of Product Strategy Unit at Banif Bank (Malta) plc.  

“People’s needs and priorities change according to one’s age and stages in life. This is where Banif Bank comes in, offering different products that enable people to fulfil their dreams or save for unexpected circumstances,” he continued.

Banif Bank offers convenient savings packages that help people save at any stage in their life.  Starting with the very young, the Bank offers parents and guardians the opportunity to save money for their children’s future with the New Generations Account that carries an interest rate of 3.5% gross per annum with flexibility to deposit and withdraw funds at pre-determined intervals. Clients can open a New Generations Account with as little as €25 and deposit a minimum of €300 annually, which they can choose to spread at regular intervals throughout the year. Upon opening of the New Generations Account, clients will also be entitled to a free gift voucher.

The Monthly Savings Scheme from Banif gives customers the possibility to save an amount through regular monthly deposits for a one or two-year term with more advantageous rates than standard ones. For those with higher aspirations the Hi-Saver Account can be opened with an initial minimum deposit and 11 monthly deposits of a €100 per month amount thereafter.

Big rewards start with small savings. For more information visit, call Customer Care on 2260 1000 or visit any Banif branch.