Banif goes green for mobility week

October 6, 2015
June 20, 2023
Banif goes green for mobility week

Banif employees left their cars in their garages and walked, took the bus or carpooled to work as part of the Banif Mobility Day, organised during EU Mobility Week.

The Banif team got into the spirit of the initiative whole-heartedly by shaking up their daily commute to and from work. A lot of employees opted to carpool, adding a little social spice to their usually solitary morning drive by sharing a ride with colleagues. Others, most of which haven’t taken a bus in years, opted for public transport and took the opportunity to delve into a book or just sit back and admire the scenery. Those who live a little closer to the office donned their trainers and took the greenest transportation method of all – good old-fashioned walking.

The EU Mobility Week is a broad initiative aimed at promoting sustainable transport which causes less pollution, uses less energy, is more cost-efficient and is easier on the environment. This year’s ‘Do The Right Mix’ campaign encompassed many activities, such as the National Bike Ride and National Car Free Day.