Banif gives you more benefits with your salary

December 2, 2010
June 20, 2023
Banif gives you more benefits with your salary

All employed individuals can now avail themselves of a wide array of benefits through the Banif Salary Account. This specially designed package is available to all employed persons who deposit their salary with the Bank.

Banif Salary Account holders receive a bonus interest rate on their current account and also enjoy preferential interest rates on one year standard term deposits. They also have the option to take up a Banif Savings Plan that gives an advantageous return on the monthly savings. Included in the package is also an optional Bill Payments Savings Account that can help them plan their finances and budget for their recurring expenses.

The package also includes a Credit Line with a daily flat fee for each day the Credit Line is used; discounted interest rates on personal loans; and discounted processing fees on both personal loans and home loans.

“Banif Bank is offering you the opportunity to receive your salary in a bank account in a convenient, quick and safe manner, whilst topping that by giving you a bundle of benefits with the Banif Salary Account,” commented a Bank representative from Product Strategy Unit when speaking about the improved salary package that has recently been launched in the market.

“Banif continuously strives to provide added value to its customers. During the two years that the Bank has been in operation, Banif has proved itself to be one of the leading financial institutions in the market through the provision of innovative banking products that improve the financial well-being of its clients,” ended the Bank representative.

For additional financial flexibility, Banif has also made available a credit card linked to this Banif Salary Account, which includes free travel and purchase protection insurances.

In order to help clients manage their finances better, the Banif Salary Account also comes with a free Banif Visa Debit Card and free Banif@st Internet Banking that will provide access to funds 24 hours a day.

More details about the Banif Salary Account can be found on or at any Banif Bank branch.