Banif features MCAST student work

April 8, 2015
June 20, 2023
Banif features MCAST student work

As part of the ongoing collaboration between Banif Bank and the MCAST Institute of Art & Design, Banif’s Perpetual Agenda featured the works of students following the National Higher Diploma in Photography.

Students were invited to take part in a ‘Life Case’ wherein Banif took on the role of a client and commissioned them to carry out specific work, in order to give students some valuable industry experience. The students were asked to take photographs of localities where a Banif branch was present, showcasing the different facets of the village or town’s character. Under the direction of lecturer Joe Attard, the students explore a number of themes including nature, people, activities and architecture within the locality, visiting at different times of day to experiment with natural light. The result exceeded expectations, with a variety of aesthetically pleasing and sometimes unexpected photographs being presented.

The Bank’s Perpetual Agenda, distributed to Banif partners and customers, provides invaluable exposure for the students’ work. The Agenda’s sleek black and white finish provided the perfect showcase for the artistic photos, with each work being accompanied by a short message from the contributing student.

The Agendas were presented to students in the very same classroom in which they learned to hone their craft. From the first creative spark to the finalised printed material, this project gave students the unparalleled experience of the realisation of artistic inspiration. The initiative underlines the Bank’s commitment help foster the next generation of aspiring artists.