Banif features MCAST student work

October 2, 2015
June 20, 2023
Banif features MCAST student work

Banif Bank has continued to provide opportunities and exposure to MCAST students studying location photography by featuring their works on a mural recently installed on the terrace at the Bank’s headquarters.

MCAST photography students were commissioned a Life Case to capture the spirit of the localities in which the Bank has a branch. The project aimed to bridge the gap between education and industry by simulating a real situation in which the Bank, acting as a client, requests work from students within specific timeframes, formats and in line with brand guidelines. Through the Life Case, the students were able to obtain vital experience and insights into the industry and client requirements.

Taking it a step further, Banif provides students with invaluable exposure by promoting their work in different media. In the past, works by MCAST photography and fine art students have been featured on the Bank’s agenda, calendar, around branches and through exhibitions. The results of the latest location photography Life Case is displayed permanently in a vibrant and creative mural that spans the length of the terrace at Banif’s head office. The students were invited to visit and take some photos to commemorate the installation of the mural.

“Banif Bank’s collaboration with the MCAST Institute for the Creative Arts has been a long-standing and fruitful one,” said Simon Grech, Head of Corporate Services at Banif Bank. “We have always explored different ways of giving the exposure that these students deserve, and it is very encouraging to see the high level of artistic talent coming through the ranks. This mural features some fantastic shots which have really brightened up our terrace… and our employees definitely seem to be enjoying the added splash of colour during their lunch breaks!”